Access Email

How to access you NEW HFD Email Account

The new email account is managed by google and gmail.  So if you already have a gmail account, then you will have no problems with the new email.

NOTE:  Your first password is:  changepassword
You will be prompted to change your password to something only you know after you agree to the terms.

Useful Links

Main Google Apps for Non-Profits:
Google Calendar
Google Drive/Docs

 Below you will find a few video tutorials to help you get started.

First Time Email Log In

This Tutorial shows you how to log into your HFD email for the first time.

Intro to HFD Gmail Email

General tour of the Gmail Email.

Choosing a Theme

How to choose a theme for your HFD gmail email

Email Settings

A Review of your gmail email settings.

Import Contacts from GoDaddy

How to import contacts from GoDaddy

Compose your HFD Email

Compose and send your HFD email using gmail