Become a Member

public_info_2.jpgThe Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department is constantly seeking dedicated individuals interested in and capable of volunteering a portion of their time as fire fighters. The town of Hopewell, as well as the majority of towns within Ontario County depends on volunteers for their everyday fire protection. Men and women from many walks of life are volunteer fire fighters, but it does take a high level of dedication to respond at all hours of the night and day to any situation which may occur.

Whatever your reason; be it to find a sense of belonging, achievement and self respect, to  feel the challenge of helping bring an emergency situation under control, or to know the reward of saving a family and their home from the destruction of fire, you are encouraged to apply to become a member of this proud organization.

Applicants must:

  • Have a valid New York State driver’s license.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Be available at various portions of the day or night to respond to incidents.
  • Be available for regularly scheduled monthly meetings, trainings and other department activities.

Other Information:

There are two catagories of Membership- "Social" and "Active".  Social members do not respond to emergency calls, rather Social members assist in the "business" side of the fire department and in outreach / fundraising activities, etc.  Active members are eligible to respond to emergency calls after Chief approval.

As far as Active Membership, you do not have to enter a burning building if you don’t want to; there are a lot of duties required at emergency scenes that need to be accomplished; many hands make light work.

The Hopewell Fire Department is a corporation and we run ourselves as a small business. We have administrative positions that address the day to day responsibilities of being a corporation. We are always looking for people with experience in the business world to help us out as well.

You will be expected to complete training classes mandated by The New York State Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau (PESH). This training is required to protect you and better prepare you for firefighting duties. Classes are generally held at the Ontario County Safety Training Facility located at County Office Complex on County Road 48.

You will be expected to participate in weekly department training sessions. These are held most Tuesday nights, and help to maintain the quality of service the Hopewell Fire Department provides to the community.

Applicants who are accepted by the department must successfully complete a six-month guided probation period. Members on probation are progressively given more responsibilities and fire-ground tasks as their training progresses. The department membership will accept or decline probationary members after the six month period is complete.

Prior experience is not necessary.

An application is available for download  HFD_Application_2014_doc.pdf or may be picked up at Station 2 on Tuesday nights, during our normal weekly training session. You may also call (585) 394-4120 with any questions or for further information regarding the application process.